Lezing Vlerick

Beste studenten, 

Vlerick komt in het tweede semester een lezing geven met één van onderstaande onderwerpen.

Gelieve in onderstaande enquete je top 3 onderwerpen in te vullen.


“Open Innovation”

Introduction to the subject of innovation and the new trend of open innovation for which companies tend to work together with external services in order to reduce the cost of the innovation process (ex. Of Imec in Leuven)


E’ship in action

“Entrepreneurship is everywhere”

The revolution for the current generation is the entrepreneurial  one (The Economist, 2009). Entrepreneurship is doing something remarkable:  applying  more brainpower, in more countries and in more creative ways. Companies such as Spotify, CouchSurfing, ThromboGenics,  DropBox and Le Pain Quotidien have been very successful start-ups that were able to address a clearly defined need. During this session, we will discuss the essence of entrepreneurship. What are the key challenges in entrepreneurship? What is the role of the entrepreneur?



“Everyday Inspirational Leadership”

In this interactive workshop, Katleen De Stobbeleir will give share some of the latest trends in leadership with you. Main goal is to provide you with many hands-on tips and tricks on how to become more inspirational to others in your day to day life.


Presentation Skills

Principles of business presentations and tips & tricks on how to improve your presentation skills


Designing Consumer-Based Marketing Tactics

A good understanding of consumer behaviour is often the starting point for the creation of a successful marketing campaign.

What can we learn from consumer psychology and consumer behaviour that can help to increase the effectiveness of marketing tactics?

This session illustrates how companies take advantage of consumer insights via a series of real-life examples. In an interactive part we also challenge the participants to see the (business) world (and their own behaviour) through the lens of marketing-relevant consumer psychology.


Corporate Finance in the News

Over the past four years, the headlines of newspapers have been dominated by financial topics. The subprime and, more recently, the sovereign debt crisis initiated a worldwide recession. In this session, we discuss recent evolutions of some key financial indicators, like stock market indices, interest rates, economic growth, unemployment and sovereign debt levels. We subsequently link these developments to current financial decisions in companies. An overview of latest IPOs, bond issues, bankruptcies and mergers and acquisitions will be presented.


About People, Motivation and … Money

Whether money is motivating people to do better in their job is an interesting and important question. It’s probably heavily depending on the context and on how it is introduced and used. In this interactive session we will discuss and explore the impact of financial rewards on employee motivation and performance levels.

We will look into some creative solutions companies from different industries are using to exploit the power of rewarding, without destroying a positive atmosphere.

We will also clarify how you can use the power of rewards to create more enthusiasm around you.


Negotiating Power

We live in a world that is increasingly individualistic and competitive to the extentthat we are constantly claiming value from each other in ways that are all too often highly distractive. There is, however, another and better way where parties work together to create value that exceeds their individual expectations. Come and experience the reframing of negotiation from bargaining to principled value enhancing negotiation.

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